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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wave of Smartphone Innovations

Now this is insane. In my last post “We live in exponential times”, I mentioned how quickly new developments are showing up in field of mobile computing and internet technology. First it was introduction of iPhone that changed the way we interact with mobile devices. This revolution placed internet in our pockets. After iPhone made waves in the consumer market, internet giant Google came up with an alternative mobile operating system Android and made it available to smart phone manufacturers. Then the concept of App Store was introduced by Apple opening a whole new world of possibilities for developers. Same goes for Android. Lots and lots of startups came up creating an unimaginable interactive experience for smart phone users and making their lives simpler. The demand and craze of apps can be judged from numbers. According to app tracking and analytics company Mobilewalla - The number of apps available on top four smartphone platforms is set to surpass the one million mark within the coming days.

One might think that more innovative apps will be introduced and thus innovation will continue. Smartphone manufacturers will make their products better by bringing down the price and by competitively placing their products in the market. But still there are many more things to come that we see in hi-tech Hollywood movies.

Introduction of Siri with iPhone 4S was again a revolution. Siri, an intelligent personal assistant that helps us getting things done just by asking, is not traditional recognition software but it understands natural speech. To compete with Siri, Android came up with Iris. So now we feel that technology has provided us things that we see in movies and what is next. Siri will soon be able to control the settings of any wi-fi connected device like thermostat directly through iPhone. Siri is still in beta phase and so we don’t know its limit. While this was a wow development, I heard about Senseye. Senseye will let you control your smart phone with your eyes. Insane!!!

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