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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A perspective to career after IIT

Everyone has heard their parents saying “Study very hard for JEE and your entire life will be peaceful”. Well, this is correct up to a certain extent, but not always. The brand name IIT sometimes gets too heavy to carry in the corporate world. You are paid better in your organization than graduates from other colleges, but at the same time you will be burdened with high expectations. But that’s good in a way. You are always challenged with difficult tasks and that keeps you going.

My placement year 2010 was again a year suffering from after effects of economic turmoil. So, obviously there is no scope of making a choice of career. And in fact, in normal conditions I have seen very less people who are clear on what they want to do in life. People take offers whatever comes their way. Because months pass by and if you are still unemployed, you doubt yourself and your capabilities. Majorly, they feel peer pressure when others are already placed. But I think the place where you are studying is a reflection of your capabilities. Have you heard your seniors telling you that they are frustrated with their jobs in 2 years? This is when they are “Caught in the wrong job”. You take up any job for the sake of getting a job, but then when your work starts, you have to deal with it 9 hours per day. So, it’s extremely essential to figure out what you want to do in your life. And I know it’s very tough to decide as you have not experienced a corporate life. But at least one can be clear on a tech or nontech career.

And the most important tool to success is continuous learning because it saves you from being outdated. In a time where the world has became more dynamic than ever, you need to catch up very speedily with the change. May be the job that you are doing today may not even exist in 2020. So, adhere to Darwin's theory or you will be out of the game.

Remember: Career is not always about aspiring to have a seven figure salary in hand, its about doing something significant that you love.

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  1. Good post! Agree that the degree can sometimes be a burden. The trick is not to get hung up about past glory but to keep going for greater heights.